Saturday, October 29, 2005

Cool Saturday

A little breezy out there to start, which was good, cuz it kept away those tiny little bugs that hang along the green spaces in clouds. I've inhaled enough of them on my walks home after work. It's not so bad swallowing them, but getting them in my eyes can hurt, and they don't seem to wash out easily, no matter how much I tear up. Bleah.

Tonight I was initially going to do the Crowchild to the zoo route, but as I approached Crowchild, I realized that I hadn't been down to Edworthy for a long time, so I thought, what the hey. I'm glad I did, cuz it was stellar. In the bush on the south side of the river below Spruce Cliff, the wind did go down, and the no-see-ums weren't congregating. I hadn't been along there since before the flooding in June, and didn't find the erosion from the high water that I expected.

It was pretty decent out, weatherwise, so there were lots of people out, which made it nice. I've commented before on the energy the paths have when there are others out. It makes it feel more alive to be out there.

Today's run:
Distance: 18.25 km. Time: 1:40:10. Average speed: 10.9 kph.
Rest distance: 1.16 km. Rest time: 11:00
Total distance: 19.41 km. Total time: 1:51:10

Weather: Partly cloudy and 11C when I started, dropping to 7C by the time I got back home. That's about as cool as I wanna get before I wear more than the shorts and tee. Gotta do some shopping for winter running gear before too long.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Cooler Than I Thought

Last Friday of October, and we get to sleep in an extra hour on Sunday. But it seemed like a nice day, so I just wore the shorts and tee shirt. Perhaps it was just a teensy bit too cold for that. I felt it on the arms and legs, but still worked up a pretty good sweat.

This time I ran the Confederation Park route, which I haven't done for a long time. Lots less problems with the GPS losing satellite lock, since all those trees are bare now. It was brisk but fun.

Speaking of different routes, my bro is touring the eastern states for the next few days, and he'll be running in some pretty cool places.

Today's run:
Distance: 8.12 km. Time: 45:47. Average speed: 10.6 kph.
Rest distance: 529.7 m. Rest time: 5:00
Total distance: 8.65 km. Total time: 50:47

Weather: Sunny and 7C, although by the time I was twenty minutes into it, the sun was gone. It sets awfully early these days.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

No Way I'm Missing This Weather

It is too nice out to be sitting in an office for lunch. Seems to be a majority position, too, by the number of people out walking along the river. In a few places, I was slowed to a walk because of the number of people. I don't think it gets that crowded during the summer, but by now everyone is aware of what's coming.

I tried to slow it down today, just to enjoy the scenery and relax, but something in me wants to move. I was cruising just nicely. Wind-wise I find that my breathing is evening out at that speed too. Somehow more efficient in oxygen intake, I imagine.

Today's run:
Distance: 5.13 km. Time: 27:00. Average speed: 11.4 kph.
Rest distance: 295.0 m. Rest time: 2:30.
Total distance: 5.42 km. Total time: 29:30

Weather: Sunny and only 14C so far, but it's warming up quickly.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Indian Summer

Who'da thunk that the end of October on the prairies would be so warm? Absolutely a georgeous day out, so who could resist?

Same route, counter-clockwise. I like the river run, especially during the noon hour, as there are so many people out. The energy on a beautiful day like today is infectious.

Today's run:
Distance: 5.33 km. Time: 26:18. Average speed: 12.2 kph.
Rest distance: 208.6 m. Rest time: 2:00.
Total distance: 5.54 km. Total time: 28:18

Weather: Sunny and 17C. Wonderful - hope everyone got out to enjoy it.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rail Express Run

Lovely fall day, and perfect for being out in it. I started out before sunrise - not difficult at this time of year, as the sun only comes up about a quarter after eight. Today I did pretty much the same run as last week: down to the river, east to Edmonton Trail and across, west to Crowchild Trail, back to Prince's Island and home.

It felt pretty good, not great. My energy started out alright, but didn't stay. After twenty minutes I was flagging a little. At about forty minutes I used a gel, and that helped a lot. I'll have to think about how to use those on the distance runs so I don't struggle at the start.

The neatest part of the run was just as I was crossing at Crowchild. I could hear this noise, very much like the ka-klack of a slow train on the rails. As I reached the south bank and the path there, I could see a huge cloud beginning to block the sun and the sound was getting louder. I could see the front of the cloud growing with big blobby poofs coming from something. And out of the trees came this ancient steam locomotive, chuffing and chugging along the main CPR line along the river, pulling several cars, sleepers, and Pullmans and mail cars, all of the same vintage. Way too cool! I waved at the engineer hanging out the window but I think he was busy with something in the cab.

Today's run:
Distance: 17.04 km. Time: 1:35:40. Average speed: 10.7 kph.
Rest distance: 973.1 m. Rest time: 10:00.
Total distance: 18.01 km. Total time: 1:45:40

Weather: Clear and 1C to start, rising to 5C by the time I was home. Beautiful sunny clear morning, and lots of runners out too.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Bake Cart Purgatory

One of the activities in our office for fundraising for the United Way is the Friday bake cart. Donate a fiver and load up on baking. Not having run since Monday, I really needed to get out anyway, but now I have to burn off all these extra calories. Bleah.

Turned out to be a beautiful day for it, though. After yesterdays snow showers (and yes, I wimped out because of that) it was a nice change. Lots of people felt the same, too, cuz the paths were busy.

Today's run:
Distance: 5.02 km. Time: 27:00. Average speed: 11.1 kph.
Rest distance: 236.1 m. Rest time: 2:14.
Total distance: 5.25 km. Total time: 29:14

Weather: Sunny and 7C. No wind hardly, and just a beautiful day out there.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Quick Turnover Times

Something gave me a bit of a boost today. My turnover rate was really high, lots higher than usual, and that gave me a pretty good speed. I did try to slow it down some by shortening my stride, but it was really hard to slow everything down. Maybe that ice bath was the thing to do, as uncomfortable as it was.

Speaking of which, the knee feels fabulous, better than it has in weeks. I still notice it, mostly if I squat or cross that leg over the other, but for regular walking and running, it's hardly even in my awareness. We'll give it some time and see how things shake out.

Today's run:
Distance: 4.68 km. Time: 25:47. Average speed: 10.9 kph.
Rest distance: 660.8 m. Rest time: 2:00.
Total distance: 5.34 km. Total time: 27:47

Looks like the GPS wasn't keeping lock on the satellites again. 660 m in two minutes? Walking??

Weather: Cloudy and 11C. Actually got a little rain shower for a few minutes; rather refreshing.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Cool, Cloudy Sunday

Another distance run, trying to get back into the swing of things. This one was down to the river, west to Crowchild and across, Then east, and back across at the C-Train bridge. Continuing east I crossed again at the old iron Langevin Bridge at 4th Street SE, then back west, crossing one more time at Prince's Island. Then it was up The Path Under The Stairs and home.

Not a lot of people out, probably since it was so uninvitingly grey out. But a good run.

My knee has been bothering me a little. It feels really tight, although it doesn't feel any better or worse while I'm running. But I thought I'd try the ice bath to see if it helps. Now this is some kind of uncomfortable. I didn't have any ice, but just ran cold only into the tub. And then not too much, so I wasn't able to fully submerse my legs, but it was enough.

Holy jumped-up jeepers! Putting my feet into it was ordeal enough, but actually sitting down and stretching out my legs was an exercise in concentrated breathing. Then I poured the water over my knee by cupping it with my hands. I had to alternate a lot as my fingers lost mobility and started to ache.

In the end I managed probably four minutes instead of the planned ten. And straight into a hot shower. Still the knee does feel much better, not nearly as tight as it has been. I may try it again sometime.

Today's run:
Distance: 14.74 km. Time: 1:24:31. Average speed: 10.5 kph.
Rest distance: 888.0 m. Rest time: 9:00.
Total distance: 15.63 km. Total time: 1:33:31

Weather: Cloudy and 4C. Not really that warm, so I over dressed again. Not too much, but toward the end I was thinking that the sweatshirt was a bit much. Still and all, a great run.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Late Lunch

Busy at work and I wasn't even going to go, but I had one task that I had to wait about forty minutes for, so I figured what the heck. Same route again, and hard this time.

Today's run:
Distance: 5.64 km. Time: 26:39. Average speed: 12.7 kph.
Rest distance: 202.9 m. Rest time: 2:00.
Total distance: 5.84 km. Total time: 28:39

Weather: Sunny and 15C, with brisk winds from the north west. With the dryness, my lips are crackin'.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Run Without GPS

Forgot the darn thing at home, so I'll guessimate that I did about the same distance as I followed the same route as yesterday. Speed was likely not that good. (Also forgot a fresh T shirt, which probably would have been appreciated in that crowded elevator on the way down.)

Since it was a little cool, I wore my StarPhoenix sweatshirt over top, and that got the attention of another runner. Doug worked there the same time I did in the early 90's, so we huffed and puffed and caught up on things. He's just getting back into running after a couple of years hiatus, so we kept the pace slower than my usual.

Today's run:
Distance: 5.75 km. Time: 33:00. Average speed: 10.5 kph. (guesstimate)

Weather: Cloudy and 9C. Not much wind, so very nice for running.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Giving at the Office

Must be something in the fall weather, but I've have been awfully busy most of the last several week-nights. I decided that the only way I'm going to get any running in for the next while is to go at noon hour. So I packed up my gear and hauled it into the office.

I started from Sien-Lok Park by the old Greyhound bus barns, and headed west. Across the river at 14th Street, then back, all the way to the suspension foot bridge to Prince's Island, and from there, back to my starting point. It was a great run, actually, with some good speed. Probably due to not being able to get out for at least a week now.

Today's run:
Distance: 5.38 km. Time: 28:05. Average speed: 11.5 kph.
Rest distance: 351.8 m. Rest time: 3:00.
Total distance: 5.74 km. Total time: 31:05

Weather: Partly cloudy and 11C. Just a light breeze, so perfect weather to get out and crunch some leaves.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Almost Too Tired

It's been a long exhausting weekend, and I was flip-flopping on whether to run tonight or not. By the time I got home I figured I would at least do a short one, so straight down and across the river, along the promenade, then back home. I'm glad I went, but I'm still tired.

Today's run:
Distance: 7.26 km. Time: 41:46. Average speed: 10.4 kph.
Rest distance: 370.5 m. Rest time: 4:00.
Total distance: 7.63 km. Total time: 45:47

Weather: Cloudy and 7C.