Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chompin' at the Bit

When I got home tonight, I wasn't even thinking. I just changed, stretched and headed out. Like I was on auto-pilot or something. And I didn't have all that stressful a day.

It was fun. A little cool. Dark cloud threatened, but by the time I was half way, most of the dark clouds had moved away.

It was one of those organic runs. I tried counting steps at one point, but lost interest. I wasn't fast, certainly not at optimum stride or whatever. It was just in a groove that felt right. Breath was good, legs was good.

All good. A nice run

Distance: 9.83 km. Time: 57:25. Average speed: 10.3 kph (5:24 min/km).

Shoes: Saucony Grid Phoenix (Yellow) B.

Weather: Partly cloudy and 10C.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Fall is Here

Already there are bare trees. It seems like fall is here really early this year.

But perfect running weather. It's a little cool, but sunny, and a very light breeze. It really is a gorgeous run along the river.

I flirted with running to Crowchild, but decided 14th was enough tonight. It made for a nice run. Everything felt pretty smooth, except for a tight right knee that took a few minutes to loosen up a little.

Distance: 7.02 km. Time: 38:05. Average speed: 11.1 kph (5:24 min/km).

Shoes: Saucony Grid Phoenix (Yellow) B.

Weather: Sunny and 14C.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Beat The Rain

It didn't even look too bad when I was out, even a little sunny. But there was a big black mass of cloud to the north, that was coming in.

I just did the 14th Street loop. Don't know what's going on, but I haven't had the go to get out and run lately. I get home, make dinner, then I think I should have gone before I ate. Still adjusting?

The run was good, though. A little achy and stiff to start, but once I warmed up, it was great. I don't know if that's a result of not running to much lately or what.

Distance: 6.39 km. Time: 37:43. Average speed: 10.2 kph (5:53 min/km).

Shoes: Saucony Grid Phoenix (Yellow) B.

Weather: Cloudy and 13C

Sunday, September 16, 2007

How About a Long One?

I felt great today, even after yesterday's adventure, so I thought, why not do my Sunday distance run? Everything is feeling really good, stable and strong.

I've not done a Sunday run for awhile, so scheduling was an issue. I had for a big breakfast and an early lunch to settle, so it was later in the afternoon by the time I got out.

Fall colours are coming out everywhere, yet the sun and warmth were very summer like. Hot and sweaty, but not overly so. Definitely out of my favourite running temperature range.

I took it slow, and headed off to Edworthy. I wasn't aiming for good speed, just getting around the loop. Lots of people were out on the paths so it was a pretty social run, too. The run was hot, butcrossing to the south side at Edworthy and getting under the forest below Wildwood and Spruce Cliff was surprisingly cool.

Another thing that's changed from a couple of months ago, is that the crowd of rafters on the river move much slower than I run. Earlier this summer, with high water levels, they moved along at a good clip.

Beautiful day, good run. Lovely to be back into it.

Today's run:
Distance: 15.92 km. Time: 1:36:56. Average speed: 9.9 kph. (6:04 min/km)
Rest distance: 1.20 km. Rest time: 11:00.
Total distance: 17.12 km. Total time: 1:47:56.

Shoes: Saucony Grid Phoenix (Yellow) B.

Weather: Sunny and 24C.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shoulda plugged It In

The GPS ran out of juice about half way around tonight, just after I crossed the river at Crowchild. I don't think I plugged it in to charge since last week, so no wonder it died.

A huge crowd again on The Stairs. Some run up, some take it two at a time, some hop up, some go up sideways. It's a busy place. And at the top, several stand around huffing and gasping before charging back down to do it again. I imagine it's a great work out, but what a traffic jam.

It was a good run. A great day for running and everything feels good. I think I'm pretty much recovered from the marathon.

I just realized I didn't write up my run a couple of days ago. So two runs are here.

Distance: 10.47 km. Time: 55:54. Average speed: 10.6 kph (5:40 min/km) (Tuesday).
Distance: 10 km. Time: 55:00. Average speed: 10.9 kph (5:30 min/km) (today, est.).

Shoes: Saucony Grid Phoenix (Yellow) B.

Weather: Mainly sunny and 15C

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Going the Other Way

It struck me tonight, that I haven't run the Crowchild loop clockwise for a long time. So I did tonight. And guess what? There's just as much bike traffic heading east on the south side of the river as heads west during rush hour. I thought everyone would be heading away from downtown, but not so.

Anyway, a great sunny run, just a little cool, after the flirtation with hail near noon. Lots of people out running, too.

And I seem to be finally getting past being achy. My right knee still feels weak, but not sore, and the left heel only hurts a little now, and only for a bit in the morning. Healing is happening.

Distance: 9.88 km. Time: 55:50. Average speed: 10.6 kph (5:40 min/km).

Shoes: Saucony Grid Phoenix (Yellow) B.

Weather: Mainly sunny and 13C

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Just about as soon as I got out the door, one of the little jiggers flew into my right eye. There's clouds of 'em all over the neighbourhood. I wore my white sleeveless, and every few minutes I would pull at it and let it snap back against my chest to shake them loose.

I ran the 10 km Crowchild loop tonight, feeling quite up to it, even after my latest adventure, and the critter didn't wash out until I was practically to 14th Street on the return leg. All the while, this black blob wandered about, obscuring various parts of my field of vision. Sheesh.

Good strong run, though. While I still feel a little achy in the knees, it seemed to have no effect on my running. I actually got a little agressive on The Path Under The Stairs.

Distance: 10.03 km. Time: 56:44. Average speed: 10.6 kph (5:40 min/km).

Shoes: Saucony Grid Phoenix (Yellow) B.

Weather: Mainly sunny and 22C

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Rain to Shine

The day started out kinda cold and wet, but it turned quite nice pretty quickly. So the pull was there to get out of the house and run.

I was aiming for a nice 7 km again, but I felt so good by the time I got to 14th Street, that I kept going. Across the river under Crowchild, then down the other side.

And just past 14th Street, by the sculture garden, I met up with the Pedal Princess. I haven't seen her hardly at all, all summer, so we spent a few minutes catching up. She's been a grandmother for two weeks, and how cool is that? So she filled me in on all the excitement around that.

After that, all the way home with good energy. This was a slow one, but it was nice to take time and look around.

Distance: 9.93 km. Time: 58:36. Average speed: 10.2 kph (5:53 min/km).

Shoes: Saucony Grid Phoenix (Yellow) B.

Weather: Mainly sunny and 18C