Friday, February 27, 2009

After a Long Break...

A week and a half, almost too long to go without. But circumstances, and weather (wussy me) kept me from it. Not a complaint at all, by the way, but there was lots L n K going on.

Anyway, I considered going out yesterday, but with the cold, and other things, I postponed it for a day. Temperatures were much more favourable today, so out I went.

Nothing too special out there. A little packed snow on The Path Under The Stairs. That might be a tad treacherous in the next couple of days, but probably not for long.

Just the usual run to 14th street, and a nice finish on The Stairs.

Distance: 6.71 Time: 39:38
Average speed: 5:54 min/km (10.16 kph).

Shoes: Asics GT-2130.
Today's earworm: None.

Weather: Partly cloudy and -5C.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Darn, Backlogged Again!

I missed writing up last Sunday's run. Must be distracted and pre-occupied or something.
L n K
Anyway, the stats were:

Distance: 16.09 Time: 1:33:20
Average speed: 5:48 min/km. (10.34 kph)
Rest distance: .8429 km. Rest time: 10:00.
Total distance: 16.94 km. Total time: 1:43:20.

Shoes: Asics GT-2130.
Sunday's earworm: Some weird thing for the first 30 minutes that kinda dragged me down. Then, Rum and Coca Cola, The Andrews Sisters.

Tonight, just another quick one to 14th Street and back. And my GPS ran outa gas somewhere along the way. I forgot to plug it in and charge it up. So I'll reuse some stats from another run (again - *sigh*)

And because of the holiday Monday, I got mixed up and didn't run my usual Tuesday, thinking it was Monday. Just a confused kinda guy...

Distance: 6.78 Time: 38:39
Average speed: 5:42 min/km (10.53 kph).

Shoes: Asics GT-2130.
Today's earworm: None.

Weather: Sunny and 0C.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Last Night's Run

Still being delinquent in keeping up with these posts. However, I have done quite well over the last 4+ years in staying with it, only missing the occasional run. And I thank my regular reader for sticking with it - thanks, love!

Actually, there are a couple who check in regularly L n K, and that's a lovely feeling to know you're interested. Thank you all for your interest!

Last night was a little chilly. I didn't really notice it at first, heading towards the bluff, cuz the wind was behind me. It wasn't a big wind, but at the lower temperatures, any wind is significantly noticeable.

I didn't even really notice it at the bluff or crossing Prince's Island, again because I was running with the breeze. Even turning on the promenade wasn't bad.

Not that cold out, mind you, so once I'd been running a bit and got warmed up, once I did turn into the wind, it wasn't bad. Coming off the 14th Street bridge and onto the path beside Memorial Drive, I could feel a chill on my upper arms.

It was a slow starting run, too. Only in the last couple of km did I feel like I was moving well. I hit The Stairs with lots of energy, which got me up about three flights. By the second landing, I had almost nothing left in the legs or the lungs, though I managed to keep moving.

At the top of The Stairs, I was breathing hard, and barely was able to keep running. Some days The Stairs are a nice challenge, some days they're a real beast. From there is was kind of a shuffle to the end.

Distance: 6.80 Time: 38:38
Average speed: 5:40 min/km (10.56 kph).

Shoes: Asics GT-2130.
Today's earworm: The Ladies Who Sing With the Band, Fats Waller.

Weather: Light snow and -13C.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Little Bit Earlier

I knocked off work a little early tonight, so I was home earlier, and got out to run all the way in daylight.

We had some new snow this morning, and I had to clear that off the walk before running. Temperatures were about to drop below freezing, so I wanted them as clear as possible. But it was quick, and by the time I finished the GPS had found its satellites.

It was a little slushy on the street, a little mushy/slippery on the bluff, with new snow on polished ice. They'd brushed The Path, thank goodness, cuz that would be a nasty slippery slope by tomorrow evening.

I felt stiff and heavy tonight. A little achy in the calves, that never really went away. No fluidity, just all clunky tonight.

On the path along the river, there is some slippery patches, nothing that slowed me down. I've always been pretty sure-footed on ice and never worried about it. The 14th Street bridge was just wet, and the run back to The Stairs was nice.
L n K
On The Stairs, I managed to run the whole thing, barely. And at the top I still managed to keep running, but no breath and no legs. But for all my whining, not a bad run.

Distance: 6.79 Time: 39:52
Average speed: 5:52 min/km (10.22 kph).

Shoes: Asics GT-2130.
Today's earworm: Koto, The Polyjesters.

Weather: Partly cloudy and -5C

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Pushing It, Weather-wise

I dressed for warm weather, and then wondered what the heck I was thinking for the first fifteen minutes of the run. It wasn't bad on the bluff, and then down Nony's Awful Little Hill and the Centre Street Bridge. But once I got to the promenade and started running into what little wind there was, It was a bit chilly on the legs.

Still, after that, the shorts and tee idea seemed more reasonable, so that once I passed Eau Claire, it felt quite reasonable. Still for the entire run, I saw only one other person in shorts.

It had been sunny and clear earlier when I was out for my usual morning wander to the coffee shop, but some high cloud had moved in by the time I got out for running. I suppose it's not that big a difference in February, the sun is still pretty low in the sky.

There was lots and lots of traffic today. So many runners out, I suppose the house bound and others just wanting to get out in the good weather. Also, I imagine the more serious of them are beginning training for this year's races, which begin to happen in the next few weeks.

Meanwhile, I'm still running on some kind of high octane I-don't-know-what, running way faster than what I thought was my normal pace. This morning it started right away, and I just got faster as I neared the turn around point. On the way back, I pretty much peaked, with at least two intervals under 5 min/km - way fast for me.

And I still feel better than ever out there. No real aches and pains to speak of. Not feeling overworked in either the legs or the lungs. And The Stairs seem to be getting easier. Something seems to be working.
L n K
Distance: 16.32 Time: 1:24:32
Average speed: 5:10 min/km. (11.58 kph)
Rest distance: .8341 km. Rest time: 9:00.
Total distance: 17.15 km. Total time: 1:33:32.

Shoes: Asics GT-2130.
Today's earworm: The theme from the 70's TV show Dallas.

Weather: Mainly sunny and -1C, climbing to 6C.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Quick Evening Run

Spring is very early, which means winter is actually lurking around the corner ready to pounce on us before the end of this month. Perfect weather to run in shorts and tee shirt again.

I was late getting home, the new commute is messing up my schedule, so not so much daylight, but still there was some. I was out pretty quick.

The run was great. I still feel good after Sunday's speedy distance run. And I still have the speed, which is kinda cool. Pretty much burning up the paths. And focused enough that I really wasn't aware of anything.

The stairs didn't slow me down but the traffic on it did. There are so many people using them for their fitness regime that it slows everyone down. But I ran as much as I could of them, and at the top, hit the street running.

A good one.

Distance: 6.82 Time: 36:02
Average speed: 5:16 min/km (11.36 kph).
L n K
Shoes: Asics GT-2130.
Today's earworm: None again.

Weather: Cloudy and 6C

Sunday, February 01, 2009


Really fast, for me. I seem to have all the energy this morning. I'm pretty sure I've had the legs to keep me going at a pretty fast pace, but never the lungs. Today, it wasn't even difficult.

Maybe it's not getting out Thursdays, and having that five day recovery from the Tuesday night run. Anyway, it felt awfully good out there this morning.

Not as warm as I was hoping but not too bad. There didn't seem to be any wind, until I got to the bottom of the Centre Street bridge and onto the promenade. Heading west, I was definitely facing a headwind, light as it was.

After about 15 minutes of running, it ceased to be a problem as I warmed up. It still felt chilly, and there were a surprising number of people out for how cold it felt. Maybe those fair weather runners are getting a little cabin fever.

Crossed the river under Crowchild, and continued west, where it felt like I was getting faster and faster. I had someone drafting me for one interval and that pushed me harder. Still, the breathing was even, and that's the sign that I'm not pushing too hard.

Then around Angel's and back toward downtown. I run timed intervals, nine minutes of running with a one minute walk break. I've managed 1.8 km in the nine minutes (5:00/km) several times, but never have I done 1.9 km (4:45/km). That was a surprise, as usually I'm more around 5:45/km.

Coming up toward the ramp up to the bridge over Memorial, I was trying to throttle back, knowing The Stairs would take all the breath I had, but it was impossible. I was totally winded at the top of The Stairs, so had to walk for a few metres.

Distance: 16.29 Time: 1:25:09
Average speed: 5:13 min/km. (11.48 kph)
Rest distance: .8073 km. Rest time: 9:00.
Total distance: 17.10 km. Total time: 1:340:09.

Shoes: Asics GT-2130.
Today's earworm: Nothing today, just too darn involved in the running.

Weather: Sunny and -10C, climbing to -4C.