Wednesday, June 29, 2005

After Work With Nony

Another run with Nony, who I haven't ran with for a couple of weeks, and who hasn't ran herself for almost as long. Come to think of it, I haven't run for almost a week, either.

We did the usual route, down The Path Under The Stairs to Memorial, across the river at 10th Street, back to and across the Centre Street bridge, to Nony's Awful Little Hill to the top and done. I think we both felt the effects of slacking off. Our time was a little slower than usual, for sure.

Today's run:
Distance: 4.00 km. Time: 30:00. Average speed: 8.0 kph.
Rest distance: 1.95 km. Rest time: 19:59.
Total distance: 5.95 km. Total time: 49:59.

Weather: Sunny and 19C. Surprisingly, not as hot as we assumed. It seemed a lot warmer out than that. But then, being in the sun was such a novel experience, after all the rain this past month.

11 Days until the Burnco Marathon.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Something New

Finally broke down and bought some proper running shorts. Now I'll turn almost as many heads as Nony (it could happen...). Well, maybe after the tan lines migrate a little farther north. The shorts are a little bit shorter than the old ones, but certainly not embarassingly so. Much more comfortable, too.

Tonight I followed the usual route - down 10th, over to Crowchild, back to Prince's Island and home along 4th. I debated whether to tackle The Path Under The Stairs, or to go on to the bridge and up Nony's Awful Little Hill. By the time I got to Prince's I decided on The Path, cuz I felt particularly good. The climb felt great and I even got a little agressive in running up it.

Today's run:
Distance: 11.55 km. Time: 1:01:46. Average speed: 11.2 kph.
Rest distance: 621.3 m. Rest time: 6:00.
Total distance: 12.17 km. Total time: 1:07:46.

Weather: Cloudy and 17C. The sky was actually getting darker and the wind was picking up a little. The forecast is calling for showers this evening, too.

16 Days until the Burnco Marathon.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Staying Loose

Just a quick buzz around Confederation Park to keep the legs moveable. I only went as far as 19th Street and came back. It was a warm evening, not as warm as last night, but still enough to get good and sweaty. And I pushed a little on those rolling hills by the golf course (or at least tried to).

Today's run:
Distance: 6.36 km. Time: 35:40. Average speed: 10.5 kph.
Rest distance: 350.8 m. Rest time: 3:00.
Total distance: 6.71 km. Total time: 38:40.

Weather: Cloudy and 25C, but cooling and cloudy. The wind is picking up and it was looking like a shower was developing.

Wildlife: Bloody bugs. Got one in the eye, and though I think it washed out pretty quickly, it seemed to have left a leg or something behind. Bothered me all the way home.

18 Days until the Burnco Marathon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Whoo! It's Hot!

Just did a short one tonight (well, relatively short). 10th, Memorial, across 14th, back to Eau Claire, across Prince's Island (what hasn't washed away), up The Path Under The Stairs, and home on 4th. Good speed until that last interval, and then I ran out of steam. I'm glad I took a bottle of water with me.

What a georgeous evening, though! Tons of people out walking, running, biking, blading along the promenade. Lots still checking out the flood damage. All the patios on 10th near Kensington are occupied. But hot.

Today's run:
Distance: 8.69 km. Time: 49:44. Average speed: 10.5 kph.
Rest distance: 490.4 m. Rest time: 5:00.
Total distance: 9.18 km. Total time: 54:44.

Weather: Sunny and 27C. Finally, a change from the rain! And the island that disappeared west of 14th Street still isn't back, but there is now an island shaped bunch of bushes sticking out of the water.

19 Days until the Burnco Marathon.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Sun Is Back!

Absolutely beautiful morning out there. It was a little cloudy to start, but the sun came out after a couple of hours, and it's just glorious.

The river sure is impressive. Half of Prince's Island is under water, and most of the paths under the bridges are as well. Occasionally I had to dodge and weave traffic to get across them. Running along the river, there were places were I'd look at the water level, then at the level of Memorial Drive, and wonder if the berm which I was running on top of would hold. There are parts of Sunnyside where I bet homeowners are a little nervous.

I was planning to run along the river to 17th Avenue, and cross there and come back through Pearce Estate Park and past the fish hatchery, but no go. I had to cross Memorial at the zoo and run through the north parking lot down to Nose Creek. I couldn't go down the path along the creek to the Bow and underthe train bridge because the water was within a half metre of the bridge, so the path under was maybe under two metres of water. So I took the service road to the weir, which runs up over a bit of a hill.

I expected the noise at the weir to be deafening with all that water going over, but the actual drop in the water level was maybe metre, so not much drop and not much noise. And seven or eight hundred metres past the weir was a dead end. The water didn't look deep, but a lot of the path was under it, and there was lot of debris.

So I backtracked to the zoo and crossed to 12th Street on that bridge. The path under it was under almost two metres as well, so I had to stay on the road. And then on the other side, that path was under at least a half metre from the bridge to the confluence of the Elbow, so I just kept going past until I got to 8th Avenue, and took that to the Elbow where I zigged over to 9th and over that bridge by Fort Calgary.

Once past the fort, I turned back toward the river and headed toward the promenade. That lovely stream that separates Prince's Island from downtown, that they spent buckets of cash and almost two years building, is now a raging torrent. The earth damn at the west end is completely washed out, but the two foot bridges by Eau Claire are OK. But like I said, half the island is under water.

Running along toward Crowchild after crossing under the C-Train bridge, I suddenly realized that that big island just west of the 14th Street bridge is gone, though there are a couple of trees still standing out in the middle of the river. There was also an island just west of Crowchild that has disappeared. And looking across the river to Lawrey Gardens, I wondered if the path was still above water.

Once I got farther down, CP Rail had a work crew out dumping chunks of concrete alone the bank beside the tracks below Spruce Cliff, where significant erosion was happening. I was going to cross at Edworthy and run back that side, but there were spots that seemed awful low, so I just turned around at the Edworthy bridge and headed back on the north side.

At Crowchild I crossed, figuring that the path east would be OK, and it was except for one point where the water was lapping at the edge of the path - the edge farthest from the bank. So it was slow down and tiptoe through about two centimetres of water at it's shallowest. After that, it was all the way to Centre Street bridge, up Nony's Awful Little Hill, and to 4th Street and home.

Today's run:
Distance: 31.98 km. Time: 3:18:10. Average speed: 9.7 kph.
Rest distance: 2.02 km. Rest time: 22:00.
Total distance: 34.00 km. Total time: 3:40:10.

Weather: Partly cloudy and 7C to start, mostly sunny and 14C by the end. Wonderful sunny day. And about time too. This rain has been too much.

And let's do a countdown - 21 days to the Burnco Marathon

Friday, June 17, 2005

A Trifle Moist

Firstly, hello and welcome to Nony's mum! Lovely to meet you, and sorry about the weather. Hopefully we can do better the next time you come out.

It's been a wet, wet day, cool and windy, with lots and lots of rain. So of course I had to get out and run. I think I made it two blocks before my shoes were saturated. My waterproof windbreaker is not so waterproof. But what a lovely fun run.

I did the usual route: 10th, Memorial to Crowchild, back to Eau Claire, across the river and home along 4th. Just a little agility training, with most of the goose poo washed away. The only thing to dodge are these great, honkin' fat earthworms that are all over the place. Ick The odd soggy magpie was having a feast.

Today's run:
Distance: 11.56 km. Time: 1:04:23. Average speed: 10.8 kph.
Rest distance: 729.3 m. Rest time: 7:00.
Total distance: 12.29 km. Total time: 1:11:23.

Weather: A thunderstorm with rain, and 11C. Just about right, temperature-wise, but a little damp. I was soaked through when I got home, but it felt wonderful. A very nice, solid run.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Long Overdue Run With Nony

It's been a long time since Nony and I ran together, so tonight was great. She's been struggling to get out on her own, since her fall, and with all the crappy weather, but tonight was perfect.

We bumped her interval to 6 & 4, cuz she was game, and I thought she was ready for a little more challenge. And she was. She was even pretty aggressive taking on her Awful Little Hill.

We did the usual route - down The Path Under The Stairs to Memorial, across the 10th Street bridge, back along the Eau Claire promenade, then up the Centre Street bridge to the Awful Little Hill and home.

Today's run:
Distance: 4.34 km. Time: 30:00. Average speed: 8.7 kph.
Rest distance: 1.91 km. Rest time: 19:12.
Total distance: 6.25 km. Total time: 49:12.

Weather: Partly cloudy and 16C, but the cloudy part was pretty small, I think. A beautiful evening and a lovely run, all the more so for the company.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

30 K Day

That was a long one. I was aiming for 3:20, but fell a little short. With the flooding along the river, I'm kind of improvising as to routes. I ended up following some of the tried and true paths.

From home, over to 10th Street, down to Memorial Drive, only this time I went east. At the zoo, I crossed over to the south side of the river, and trundled along past Inglewood, across a very high Elbow River, past Fort Calgary, Chinatown, and Prince's Island. I crossed back to the north side under the C-Train bridge, and followed Memorial all the way to Crowchild, then down along Parkdale Boulevard to the footbridge across to Edworthy Park. Along the tracks, along Bow Trail, along the promenade to the Centre Street bridge, and up Nony's Evil Little Hill, and home by 4th Street.

Just to get over the 30 km distance though, I went a little ways farther up 4th before cutting across and backtracking to home. I thought about meandering around the neighbourhood a little to make the run the full 3:20 that I had planned on, but naaah...

Lots of people out between Centre Street and 10th Street on both sides of the river, with Walmart's Walk for Miracles, which was cool cuz I like running with the crowds. Was even given a water bottle by one of the volunteers at one of their water stations, even though I protested that I wasn't participating, but they insisted, so that was nice.

One thing I forgot was to set up the GPS for intervals, so I had to be a bit of a clock watcher to take walk breaks when I needed to. So my time stats are a little wonky this week.

Today's run:
Distance: 30.23 km. Time: 3:08:59. Average speed: 9.6 kph.

Weather: Cloudy and 11C to start, climbing to 14C by the time I got home. Really nice morning for a run.

By the way, thanks for the big pasta dinner, Dad.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Not That Into It

I don't know if it's because of the recent weather, or work, or what, but my head and my heart were just not into it tonight. So I cut it a little short. I did the Confederation Park run again, but I took a short cut across Canmore Park and just headed back home.

Today's run:
Distance: 7.23 km. Time: 43:59. Average speed: 9.9 kph.
Rest distance: 453.6 m. Rest time: 4:00.
Total distance: 7.68 km. Total time: 47:59.

Weather: Cloudy and 17C. Not too bad for a run, and no wind. We did have a heck of a downpour earlier this afternoon downtown, with some hail. And according to the forecast, we may get more. Bleah.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Kinda Pokey Tonight

At least a full ten minutes slower on this route than usual. I felt good all the way through the run, and I seemed to be getting some decent speed, but when I got home, I'd put in a whole interval more than usual. No worries, though, cuz it felt right, and the aches and pains weren't any worse than usual. I do have to watch the downhill stretches though. If my stride is too long on those, I immediately feel it in the knees. Gotta keep it short and quick, and it works out fine.

The river is really high right now. The path under the 10th Street bridge on the north end is closed. It doesn't look like it's quite underwater, but it's very close. I think the water level is about a foot or so below what it was last night at this time, and it was higher than that this morning. It will likely be a couple of weeks before I can run along the Elbow river, given that there were several homeowners along there told to be ready to evacuate yesterday.

Anyway, today it was the 10th Street, Memorial Drive, across at Crowchild, back to Prince's Island and home on 4th Street route.

Today's run:
Distance: 11:40 km. Time: 1:04:58. Average speed: 10.5 kph.
Rest distance: 723.6 m. Rest time: 7:00.
Total distance: 12.13 km. Total time: 1:11:58.

Weather: Cloudy and 15C. Not much breeze, but not much people out either, it seemed like. Everyone must be staying home to make sure it stays dry.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Post Monsoon Run

After all the rain, I'm surprised I'm not flooded out. Nony has some wet carpet to contend with, and a co-worker has three feet of water in her cellar, with her water heater and furnace. I feel pretty lucky to be high and dry.

It was nice to finally get out again, after all that rain. Tonight I did the Confederation Park circuit that I did last week, reversing the part around Canmore Park in order to tackle the hill on Charlebois Drive, a nice, long and fairly steep climb.

Today's run:
Distance: 8.67 km. Time: 47:35. Average speed: 10.9 kph.
Rest distance: 475.3 m. Rest time: 5:00.
Total distance: 9.15 km. Total time: 52:35.

Weather: Cloudy and 12C. Barely a breeze, so very nice. Lots of runners out too.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

A Wet, Sort-Of-Distance Run

I wasn't up to doing the full run I had planned this morning. I was going to try for 3:20, but I was up too late last night. A friend called at the last minute, who had a spare ticket to ¡Bulla!, so I figured why not? Then after, there was a friend of a friend whose son's band was having a CD release party next door, then dancing at the Conga Room until the band shut down. Umm, got a little carried away, I guess.

So I was late getting up and slow getting moving, but I eventually did. This time down 4th Street, to the The Path Under The Stairs (might as well capitalize the whole thing). Down Memorial to Crowchild, across to the other side of the river and back to Eau Claire. At that point I was going to decide whether to go more or head home, and the knee felt so good I kept going. This time to the zoo, where I crossed the river, then back along Memorial again to The Path, and home.

I think it wasn't the descent down The Path so much as the climb back up that was the danger to the knee. Last Thursday when I ran Confederation Park, there was a lot of up and down, and I tackled the climbs pretty aggressively. I think I may have stretched something. So I took today's climb pretty easy. Felt way better.

About the fourth interval, near Eau Claire, the skys opened up, so I ran for almost an hour and a half in a continual downpour. It was actually quite nice, and I like running in the rain anyway. But I definitely needed a hot shower before writing this. My fingers were a bit stiff.

Lots going on down there today. The Ride for Heart was going in Cresent Heights Park, and the MS Super Cities Walk happening just across the river on Prince's Island, so lots of people out, even with the rain, and that made it fun.

I almost took a swim by the zoo. I had just come around a corner screened by a big bush, and found a huge puddle that I was too close to stop for. I tried to go around by staying to the side, but ended up off the path in ankle deep water, and a good ten yards before I could get out of it, so so much for dry feet. And it was a great day for agility training, between the goose poo and the earthworms that come out to drown on the sidewalks when it rains like this. Yecch.

Today's run:
Distance: 17.08 km. Time: 1:40:20. Average speed: 10.2 kph.
Rest distance: 1.57 km. Rest time: 11:00.
Total distance: 18.65 km. Total time: 1:51:20.

Weather: Light rain and 11C. Just nice.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Dryer Run Tonight

It was raining a little as I was walking home from work, but by the time I got back out in my running gear, it had stopped, and it was even looking a little like it would clear for awhile. Not even a decent puddle to jump in

Just a quick run to stay loose. Down 10th to Memorial, over to 14th and across the river, then back along to promenade to Eau Claire, across the river, up the path under The Stairs, and down 4th Street to home.

Today's run:
Distance: 8:92 km. Time: 47:28. Average speed: 11.3 kph.
Rest distance: 552.9 m. Rest time: 5:00.
Total distance: 9.472 km. Total time: 52.27.

Weather: "Distant precipitation" and 13C. Environment Canada is getting poetic...

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Soggy Rainy Run

I *love* running in the rain for some reason. Splashing in the puddles and stuff. I dunno, it just energizes me. Ain't I a goof?

Tonight I thought I'd case the new neighbourhood, and headed to Confederation Park. Lovely place, with a surprising number of people actually out running in the downpour. I went all the way past the Confederation Park Golf Course, and looped around Canmore Park, getting as far west as 24th Street. Beautiful area.

Once I came all the way around Canmore Park to where the path crossed 19th Street back to the golf course, I headed east and retraced my steps back home.

Today's run:
Distance: 8:32 km. Time: 46:21. Average speed: 10.8 kph.
Rest distance: 522.2 m. Rest time: 5:00.
Total distance: 8.84 km. Total time: 51:21.

Weather: A light rainshower and 12C, according to the Environment Canada web site. Actually it varied from raging downpour to just cloudy, several times. Soggy, wet, and lots of fun.