Saturday, August 28, 2010

Was That Summer That Just Wizzed By?

A couple of days ago, we hit 30 degrees. First time this year, we're told. I got to run in it. Got hot and sweaty, so it must have happened. Too bad if you were in the bathroom and missed it when it went by.

It wasn't one to write home about (so I'm writing about it here??), but a decent run by any measure, with the usual aches and pains. My body appears to be outpacing my level of maturity more and more each day.

Thursday's run:
Distance: 10.30 Time: 1:01:14
Average speed: 5:56 min/km. (10.09 kph)
Shoes: New Balance 769 (Yellow 1).
L n K

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Crazy Time

I just noticed my time on my run tonight. One Hour. Sixty minutes. Exactly. Well, if you ignore the few hundredths of a second past the sixty minute mark.

It was a good run, but mostly taken up by a battle of the inward and outward. I seem to be in a contemplative mood tonight, and tended to look inward, brooding over stuff. I'd rather not do that, cuz I probably look a little spacey and not all there. I'd rather look outward.

In fact, I like being a bit of a tourist when I run, checking things out: the cyclists, other runners, the osprey nest by Crowchild, the rafters on the river. So every time I noticed I was head down and plodding into my messy mind, I would look up and look around.

Some runs are like that.

Tonight's run:
Distance: 10.34 Time: 60:00
Average speed: 5:48 min/km. (10.34 kph)
Shoes: New Balance 769 (Blue).
L n K

Sunday, August 22, 2010


Well something is, and I think it's British Columbia. The haze settled over us on Thursday, and my lack of motivation jumped all over that for a ready made excuse. Too smokey to run. All that particulate matter just ain't no good for the lungs.

But it didn't smell smokey this morning. Not like the damp campfire smell that was there a couple of days ago, evoking memories of soggy camping trips of long ago. Does that make it healthier?

This morning, I took a deep breath (koff, koff...) and headed out. It's been cool today, not much good for those longing for real summer, but kind of good for running. I think a lot of people were fed up with waiting for the air to clear. There are loads of people out running this morning.

I wasn't setting any speed records. I guess not getting out there has caught up to me. I was slow. At least a full ten minutes longer than usual to run this distance. I don't think too much about it, I was just happy to finally get off my duff and get out there.

The smoke wasn't noticeable at all, though I did worry about my lungs filtering all that particulate matter from my exhalations. I think we're good, but please, B.C., the bylaw clearly states, no smoking within 5 metres of the entrance, so if you could just take it down the street a little....? Thanks!
L n K
Today's run:
Distance: 16.45 Time: 1:39:22
Average speed: 6:02 min/km. (9.93 kph)
Rest distance: 1.08 km. Rest time: 11:00.
Total distance: 17.53 km. Total time: 1:50:22
Shoes: New Balance 769 (Yellow 2).

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another One

Finally got a chance to get out and run. Last week was too busy, with workshops and other things going on. Isn't summer supposed to be the slow time? Actually, it mostly is for me. Just last week was taken up by things.

So this was the first run for quite awhile. I felt quite good for not running for almost two weeks. Reasonably fast, and nothing hurt too much. I notice some stiffness that lingers after, but hey, could be age (ya think?)

Nice run on a lingering warm evening, kind of a nice meander along the river. Lots of cyclists, many taking themselves way too seriously, but that's their stress. I had a great run, even pushing hard on The Path. I swear, the lower half of that stretch must be a grade of 20% or more.
L n K
Tonight's run:
Distance: 10.44 Time: 59:20
Average speed: 5:40 min/km. (10.56 kph)
Shoes: New Balance 769 (Blue).

Sunday, August 08, 2010

How to Ruin a Massage

Actually, I'd already done the deed the night before, getting out on the Glenmore Reservoir with a rented kayak. I started out aching across the shoulders from hoisting the kayak onto my car roof, even with the help of a helpful passer-by. However I met a couple of the locals while out on the water:

And this guy too:

The three herons were too quick for me, diminishing to flecks in the sky before I could get a camera out. And the jackfish lurking two feet below me in the weeds was spooked by the movement of my reaching.

The aches disappeared rather quickly after I started running, I think because I was out and moving. It was cloudy and a little cool, and toward the end, there was the beginnings of a shower. I did the mid-interval sprints again, for some of them. After five of those, my right hamstring was twanging. I hoped I would be able to run it off, but the tightness persisted all the way home.
L n K
On The Path, I got aggressive, thinking that it's only 300 metres at a grade of about 25% or more, like, come on wuss, go hard! So I did. Actually, it averages about 15% if I understand the calculation. Steep enough to wake up the calves, for sure.

Sunday's run:
Distance: 16.46 Time: 1:36:01
Average speed: 5:50 min/km. (10.29 kph)
Rest distance: 1.28 km. Rest time: 10:00.
Total distance: 17.74 km. Total time: 1:46:01
Shoes: New Balance 769 (Yellow 2).

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Double Your Fun

Or I'll just write up two runs....

Last Monday I was out for the long one, since I had other things going on Sunday morning, and Monday was a holiday. So it was a different crowd, and not as many. I think that may have been due to people being out of town too.

It was a pretty standard run. On the third interval, I tried a mid interval sprint, like I was doing about 15 months ago, running hard and really stretching for the middle minute. It always feels good to do that, especially after the minute is up and I slow down again. It does make the run go faster, although the way I've been running, it sort of put me close to my usual time.

Something I've noticed for ages, is how the path is slumping toward the river. It's like that in several places, but the worst is the half km or so west of Crowchild Trail on the south side of the river. I find I crowd the centre line to avoid feeling like I have one leg shorter than the other. The steep camber is kinda hard on the ankles sometimes too.

Tonight was also a pretty standard run, felt pretty normal and all. Lots of traffic out, cuz it's so nice. There was a lot of music blaring from Millennium Park; no idea what that was about. Maybe it's like when they're building a house and the framers or roofers have a loud radio. With the West LRT construction concentrated there, maybe the construction people have a radio turned up, like to 140 decibels.

Or it could be a party of some kind at the park.

Monday's run:
Distance: 17.10 Time: 1:36:34
Average speed: 5:38 min/km. (10.62 kph)
Rest distance: 0.94 km. Rest time: 10:00.
Total distance: 18.04 km. Total time: 1:46:34
Shoes: New Balance 769 (Yellow 2).
L n K
Tonight's run:
Distance: 10.17 Time: 59:33
Average speed: 5:51 min/km. (10.25 kph)
Shoes: New Balance 769 (Yellow 1).

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Draggin' Behind

Still dragging my backside when it comes to getting out there. This time I have a little bit of an excuse, as I was spending time with my grandsons. Then woke up feeling not well at all, so no run today. I will try tomorrow, if I feel better, and take advantage of the holiday Monday to get some distance in.

There was a nice note left on my on my last entry from Melissa (read her blog!). Gracious, 5:48/mile?!?! That's a seriously fast pace, probably way out of reach of most of us mortals. Glad you didn't hang up your shoes. Keep running and have fun!

My last run on Tuesday was OK, kinda hot, but well now, ain't it summer? We haven't had that typical prairie dryness this year either, so it's a little close at times, too. But I got out, and ran a respectable time for a slacker, only a little bit off my usual pace.
L n K
My run:
Distance: 10.17 Time: 1:02:15
Average speed: 6:07 min/km. (9.80 kph)
Shoes: New Balance 769 (Blue).