Sunday, May 08, 2011

Rainy Sunday

It was pouring just before I got out the door, but by the time I was on the street, it had eased up to a spitty drizzle. A grey Sunday morning seems to keep people in, so the streets were quiet. It was easy to skip across the streets on the way to the river, and I joined the path at11th Street.

I ran to Crowchild and crossed to the north side. I don't know what the path is like below Spruce Cliff, but it still looks ice covered from across the river. The cliff so named has several natural springs that run all year, and in the winter the ice can build up significantly. L n K Perhaps next week I'll try running that path. The ice is only in a couple of places, but it's tricky to cross when it's melting and wet.

I rounded Angel's cafe as usual and headed back to downtown, again staying on Memorial until the foot bridge to Eau Claire, and from there I zigzagged through downtown and the beltline to home.
L n K
And now my Garmin has lost its mind... It appears to be hung up, so I will have to either charge it up or let it completely run down. Details to follow....

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Anonymous said...

At least it is your Garmin and not you that has lost its mind. You ran, and survived it. That, in my mind,is fantastic....regardless if your Garmin missed how spectacular you were in the rain! Congrats! : )