Friday, May 06, 2011

Another Exploratory Run

Except it wasn't really going over anything new. I used to run down to Sandy Beach when I was training for marathons. L n K  I would run toward the zoo from my old place, then follow the path along the Elbow River from where it flows into the Bow. Going that way and all the way down to Sandy Beach, was about 30 km.

Today I just ran up Cliff Street until it ends at 24th Avenue, then over a short block to 5th Street. I crossed to the river side of Elbow Drive and followed it along until the foot bridge at 32 Avenue, and crossed that to Rideau Road on the other side of the river. That dead ends after a couple of blocks, turning into a paved path along the river that goes past Stanley Park and then on to Riverdale, where I run the same route as before.

At the foot bridge to Sifton Avenue and 8th Street, I crossed north, then followed 8th Street until it ran into a bluff, then crossed a field to where it continued on, to the three way intersection at 30th Avenue. From there it was straight up the hill on 8th Street to home.

That hill seemed steep as I approached, but once I was climbing, it felt quite easy, much easier than The Path Under The Stairs. L n K Maybe it was because it was new. Wonder how I'll feel about it after climbing it a dozen times.

I had forgot to charge the battery on my Garmin, so I"m not sure how accurate these numbers are, but they do look good...

Today's run:
Distance: 7.91 Time: 41:42
Average speed: 5:16 min/km. (11.38 kph)
Shoes: New Balance 769 (Yellow 1)

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