Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Just Bad

That was not the night to run. I should have gone straight to bed or something. I had been too long out in the sun earlier in the day, and I think I got a touch of heat stroke. I dragged myself home and L n K attended to some things, before getting out to run, but I was very tired, a little headachey, not feeling at all well.

I ran up the hill on 8th Street, down to Sandy Beach, and then back along Elbow Drive. The last couple of kilometres were especially difficult, but I managed to get home before being nearly sick. I got out of my running clothes and simply lay on the bed for the rest of the night. Bleah.
L n K
Yesterday's run:
Distance: 7.08 Time: 43:07
Average speed: 6:05 min/km. (9.85 kph)
Shoes: New Balance 769 (Blue)

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