Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Over The Hill

I thought it was time to try a new route, so I took 8th Street up and over the hill. It's a long climb, though not steep. L n K It 's not straight, but kinda weaves slightly. On the other side, it drops quick to a round-about. I crossed that, and kept heading south.

My thought was to cross the Elbow River at Elbow Drive and then run through Riverdale to Sandy Beach. I was rather surprised to see the distance mount, but I supposed a novel route makes things go by more quickly. When I reached Sifton Boulevard, I remembered another foot bridge across the Elbow River near a school, so I went west a block instead of east. and found it.

At the end of Riverdale Avenue, I took to the paved path toward Sandy Beach, but I noticed a runner in the trees close to the river. At the foot bridge, instead of crossing, I decided to follow a well worn path back along the river's edge. L n K It reminded me a lot of when I used to run through the trees at Fish Creek Park.

Back on Riverdale, I ran all the way to Elbow Drive, and followed it all the way to 5th Street. Man, I'm glad I can walk to work; traffic wasn't moving too fast in places. After turning off 5th, I slowed to a walk for the final few blocks home.

Today's run:
Distance: 7.01 Time: 42:24
Average speed: 6:02 min/km. (9.91 kph)
Shoes: New Balance 769 (Yellow 2)

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